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Krone Grassland Machinery

Mowers, Tedders, Rakes and Balers

We are main distributors for all Krone machinery, providing excellent product knowledge, very competitive prices, including part exchange facilities, backed up by our full after sales support unit with large stocks of spares and fully trained workshop staff.

  Disc Mowers: Rear Mounted Easy Cut
EasyCut Rear Mounted Mowers

Strong features

  • The 'EasyCut Balance' system suspends the mower in its centre of gravity to give a uniform ground pressure across the entire working width. As a result, the unit does not move sideways, protects the turf and provides for high fuel-efficiency.
  • Patented break-back system for safer operation
  • Direct and positive pto driveline
  • Fully enclosed and welded cutterbar features a wedge-shaped profile. There is no inner shoe.
  • Standard quick-change blade system
  • EasyCut CV integrates a high-performance conditioner with pivoting V-type steel tines
  • Mechanical gearbox provides two speeds (600rpm and 900rpm) to V-steel tine conditioner
  Disc Mowers: Mower Combinations Easy Cut
Easy Cut Mower Combinations

Strong features

  • KRONE EasyCut 9140 Shift, 9140 CV and 9140 CV Collect – the powerful front and rear-mounted mower combinations with 8.7m (28' 7'') work widths
  • EasyCut 7540 with 7.42 m (24' 4'') work width
  • Standard break-back system provides large 1.40m (4' 7'') travel
  • The front/rear combination optimises weight distribution
  • Compact hitch systems and designs
  • Transport width does not exceed 3m (9' 10'')
  • On the headland, the rear units lift out either simultaneously or separately
  • Easiest operation via as few as 2 single-acting spools
  • Compact design gives added stability and reduces weight
  • The 'EasyCut Balance' system suspends the mower in its centre of gravity to give a uniform ground pressure across the entire working width
  • Patented spring suspension system and auto-levelling on rear units
  • Requiring little storage space, the rear mowers are parked up in transport position
  • Fully enclosed and welded cutterbars feature wedge-shaped profiles and massive spur gears
  • Standard quick-change blade system
  • EasyCut 9140 CV features integral high-performance conditioners and mechanical gearboxes - 600rpm and 900rpm
  • Optional cross conveyors allow central swathing
  Disc Mowers: Rear Mounted AM
Rear Mounted AM Disc Mowers

KRONE rear-mounted disc mowers

The KRONE range of rear-mounted disc mowers offers working widths from 2 to 3.2 metres (6' 7'' to 10' 6''). The 2.4m (7' 11'') model features the legendary V-steel tine conditioner. The 2.4m (7' 11'') mower conditioner models boast the new wide-distributing hood, which allows you to cut wide whenever this is possible, such as in dry weather, and narrow in wet weather conditions or when using the mower for harvesting forage on a daily basis.

  Disc Mowers: Trailed Disc Mowers Easy Cut
EasyCut Trailed Disc Mowers

Strong features

  • NEW: The 'EasyCut Balance' system suspends the mower in its centre of gravity for uniform ground pressure across the entire working width.
  • The fully enclosed and welded cutterbar features a wedge-shaped profile.
  • Massive spur gears ensure efficient power flow through the cutterbar
  • Standard quick-change blade system (threaded assembly in US)
  • EasyCut CV integrates a high-performance conditioner with pivoting V-type steel tines
  • Mechanical gearbox provides 2 conditioner speeds - 600rpm and 900rpm
  • EasyCut CRi boasts a roller conditioner
  • Side-mount or mid-mounted drawbar that is specified with a pivoting gearbox
  • EasyCut 3210 CV, 3210 CRi and 6210 CV feature mid-mounted drawbars to work on either side of the tractor
  Rotary Tedders: KW Mounted Rotary Tedders
KW Mounted Rotary Tedder

Strong features

  • OctoLink: This 8-link clutch is maintenance-free and guarantees fail-safe frictional connection
  • Maintenance-free and liquid-grease lubricated bevel gearboxes
  • Low-wear Super C tines provide 9.5mm (0.4'') diameters and feature 5 coils
  • Unequal tine lengths provide the unique KRONE combing effect
  • Strong, tubular-steel tine arms
  • Central border tedding facility throws crops to either side
  • The angle of throw is adjusted without tools
  • Hydraulic conversion from work to transport position
  • Accumulator arms feature internal compression springs
  • Auto-centering lift-out system
  Rotary Rakes: Swadro 35|38|42|46
Rotary Rakes: Swadro

Single Rotor Rakes: The ideal rake for small and mid-sized farms

At home on many farms, the three-point linkage Swadro single-rotor rake offers work widths of 3.50m (11' 6'') to 4.60m (15'). Sharing many proven features with the established KRONE high-output rakes, these small and mid-sized rakes provide an exemplary strong and unique technical design.

  Rotary Rakes: Swadro 700|800|900|1000
Rotary Rakes: Swadro 700|800|900|1000

Centre Delivery Rakes: Strong features

  • The centre-delivery rake for professional applications
  • Rotor gearbox is lubricated with liquid grease
  • Maintenance-free Dura Max cam track
  • No grease points on rotors and tine arms
  • 10, 13 or 15 tine arm rotors, tangential arrangement
  • Extra thick-walled tine arms for heavy-duty use
  • Standard 3D rotor suspension system provides optimum ground following, both in axial and transverse direction
  • The KRONE Jet Effect ensures the tines do not damage the soil as the rotors lift and lower
  • Extra wide running gear with oversized tyres
  • Working width adjustment is via optional electric motors
  • Tine arms fold up for transport
  Forage Wagons: AX Forage and Discharge Wagons
AX Forage Discharge Wagons

AX - the ease of forage harvesting

The KRONE AX and MX range is the new benchmark setting generation of self-loading and self-unloading forage wagons. Buying an AX or MX model is buying into experience and expertise. After all, KRONE knows the business of farming. Innovations such as the cam trackless EasyFlow pick-up system, the massive cutand- feed rotor, the knife bank that swings out to the side, the central knife operation system as well as the chain-and-slat floor that slopes at the front combine to implement higher throughputs, lower power inputs, more operator comfort and less wear and maintenance.

  Round Balers: Comprima F155
Round Balers: Comprima F155

Semi-Variable Fixed Chamber Baler: Comprima F 155 and F 155 XC

with semi-variable bale chamber are the first round balers that operate on the fixed chamber principle whilst producing bales of variable diameters that range from 1.25 m to 1.50 m. Combining the functions of both fixed and variable chambers, the semi-variable chamber is a unique system on the world market. Relying on the new NovoGrip system, the design combines quiet running with high baling pressure. Comprima F155 XC features the X-Cut rotor cutter with up to 26 knives.

  Round Balers: Comprima F125
Round Balers: Comprima F125

The Fixed Chamber Round Baler with Milling Effect

Take advantage of the new fixed chamber round baler Comprima F 125. These machines feature the effective and cam trackless Pick-Up unit, the high-density NovoGrip baling system, A straightforward design as well as high durability and ease of maintenance – all assets that will pay off fast.

  Round Balers: Comprima CF155XC
Round Balers: Comprima CF155XC

The Baler Wrapper Combination with Variable Chamber

Comprima CF 155 XC is a world first. It is the world’s first and only baler wrapper combination that features a semi-variable fixed bale chamber. This bales and wraps round bales of 1.25 m to 1.50 m diameters. Built to a short and compact design, the machine boasts the all-new NovoGrip system and a standard tandem axle.

  Round Balers: Bellima F125 and F130
Round Balers: Bellima

Simple by Design, Excelling in the Field. The New Bellima Fixed Chamber Round Baler from Krone

Spelle, 21 Sept 2011. The name says it all - Krone Bellima is a real beauty. The new baler has evolved from the KR 125/130 model, a machine that has proven itself countless times in the past. Simple by design, and operated by a low-hp tractor, the low-maintenance fixed chamber round baler produces rock-hard bales from silage, hay and straw.

Technical Data – Bellima F125 fixed chamber round baler
Bale diameter 1.25 m
Bale width 1.20 m
Pick-up width 1,400 mm to DIN standard
Tractor power: from 25 kW/34hp

Technical Data – Bellima F130 fixed chamber round baler
Bale diameter 1.25 m
Bale width 1.20 m
Pick-up width 1,800 mm to DIN standard
Tractor power: from 25 kW/34hp

  Large Square Balers: Big Pack 890
Large Square Balers: Big Pack 890

New styling and new engineering

In cooperation with farmers and contractors, Krone has reviewed and upgraded its new BiGPack VFS baler range. Featuring the new X-Cut cutting system with the higher-capacity and upgraded VFS Variable Feed System as well as a redesigned bale chamber, these models offer unsurpassed bale densities and throughputs.

  Large Square Balers: Big Pack 1270 Multi Bale
Large Square Balers: Big Pack 1270 Multi-Bale

Strong features

  • Six into one will go! Pack up to 9 small bales into one big bale!
  • Bale length adjustment is stepless from 0.45m (18'') to 1.35m (4' 5'')
  • Big bales make for efficient field clearance and transport
  • Save time and set tomorrow's feed ration in the field today
  • Easy handling - small bales are easy to handle in tight space
  • KRONE MultiBale is an optional specification on BiGPack 1270 VFS/XC models with double knotter and Comfort control system